Books I Recommend

These are great starter books to empower you in your personal finances!

#1 Total Money Makeover

Start with this book! The first half helps undo myths you may believe about money.  The second half lays out a basic action plan for freeing your wallet and your mind!

If you are looking for a step-by-step plan, this is the book to lay it out for you.

Funny, in-your-face, and easy to read.

#2 The Richest Man in Babylon
This is a skinny, little book with lots of stories sure to make you go "hmmm..."

Easy fables with simple, but powerful, lessons to remember.

#3 The Courage to Be Rich
Figure out where your emotions about money began.  This is one eye-opening take on your attitudes about money! One particular action exercise in this book completely changed my paradigm about the things I spend on, keep, sell, donate, and treasure.

This is also the book that got me excited about opening my own retirement account years before I ever had the money to actually do it!

#4 The Millionaire Next Door

How do millionaires spend their money? How do they NOT spend it?

Despite some sections that are technical and graph-y for my taste, I recommend this book because it helps temper the desire to buy or keep up with the neighbors.

#5 The Automatic Millionaire

We are creatures of habit, sometimes of bad habits. Get out of your way by setting  your savings, bill-paying, and investing on automatic!

The only drawback is this author suggests that a budget is unnecessary (which I and our General Authorities wholeheartedly disagree with), but the main gist of this book is effective. The simplest solution is the best solution.

#6 Who Moved my Cheese?

Most of the things that take us by surprise actually give us clues that they are coming. The points in this simple child-like story will help dramatically reduce the  number of times you sincerely exclaim, "I never saw THAT coming!"