Method to the Madness

Q: "There is a lot of information here. What should I do first?"

Adhis: There is an order to financial peace! I do not write my blog posts in any particular order; I write whatever comes to mind or is inspired by recent conversations. BUT, there is an order I recommend you follow to maximize your efforts and dollars.

1. Create and live on a budget.
2. Set aside $500-$1000 to start a Safety Net savings account.
3. Pay off all debts (not including the mortgage).
4. Complete your Safety Net to equal 6 months of expenses.
5. Put 10-15% of income away for retirement.
6. Set a little money aside for kids' educations.
7. Pay off your home quickly.

When you have done these, you can then add more to your Safety Net or retirement funds or education funds or give more in offerings!

If you follow this pattern, you will experience success in completing each phase quicker than by dividing your efforts and trying to accomplish all of these goals at once.

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