Friday, July 23, 2010

Frugal Friday: Family Portraits

The last photo you have of your family together is when you set up the camera in the living room. It would have worked out too if the dog hadn't run off and got its leash snagged on the tripod, tipping it over right when the timer clicked. The result isn't too bad. It looks great if you tilt your head sharply to the right and regard the gasps on the adults' faces as whimsical.

If money is tight and you want a good-looking family sitting, try these ideas.
There are often beginning photography business owners or student photographers who will do sessions for $50 or less. Some of them will trade for goods. Some of them will do sessions for FREE to build up their portfolios.

local universities and colleges
Advertise on campus looking for a student who is majoring in photography, visual communications, or art and wants to practice what they are learning.

right where you are
With the flooding of digital cameras and photoshopping programs, chances are pretty high that there are 1 to 15 people in your neighborhood who do photography as a hobby and are pretty good at it, too. If you don't find someone there, they're at your work office.

Who knows? You may find your new family photographer for life or years later discover that your student photographer was a budding Ansel Adams!

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