Friday, December 17, 2010

Frugal Friday: Christmas Cards and Family Photos

I LOVE getting Christmas cards! I am saddened that this tradition seems to be slowly dying. (Or am I just being deleted from friends' Christmas card lists??)

The best time to buy greeting cards for Christmas is the day AFTER Christmas when everything has been marked down 50-75%. Every other year, I head out to the store and buy a few of the pretty boxed card sets the day after Christmas for 20¢ per card (or WAY less).

If you like sending family photos, here is a low-key option for including a photo in your Christmas card that doesn't make the recipient feel guilty about throwing it away when the holiday decorations start coming down. (You do know most people throw the photos away, right?)

* Measure the space available for a photo inside your Christmas cards.

* Crop or resize a photo on your computer. (Relax about choosing the photo. I've used everything from posed photos to casual shots snapped on vacation to outtakes from a camera with a timer on a tripod.)

* Print the photos on regular paper. (I usually print 12-16 per page. I've done black-and-white and in color. I recommend a laser printer over inkjet to prevent smearing. If you don't have a laser printer, ask around. My husband's supervisor is nice enough to let us use the office printers.)

* Cut out the photos and glue to the inside of the cards.

* Write a nice message.

Jingle jangle! You've got an inexpensive family photo card!

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  1. I've only gotten tow Christmas cards this year. Two! Count them...two! I guess i mad a lot of people mad this year!

    Check out the giveaway over at my place!