Wednesday, January 12, 2011


This week is crazy! Can't blame anyone but the person who keeps saying "yes" to everything. (Oh, hello, mirror!) Why do I keep doing that? I see something interesting, and I say, "Yes, I'll do that!"

Teach personal finance classes through the winter? "Yes, I'll do that!"

Accept twice as many registrants than the conference room can actually hold? "Come on in!"

Tromp through snow to ask business owners to let me use their offices for free? "Yes, I'll get my coat!"

Be an extra for the Church's New Testament projects? "OK, I'll do it!"

Schedule an audition to be a cast member even though I have no acting experience? "Sure, why not!"

Choose for the toddler a weekly "special" therapy program a few cities away rather than the "regular" program that meets in the same city? "Check! Check!"

Wake up and decide to enter my city's photography contest with entries due in 36 hours? "Well... OK!"

What I really want now is some good, restful sleep.

Sometimes, I forget I'm already a wife to a traveling husband, a mom to two little children, and a teacher in the Sunday School. It's like I've been pre-programmed to accept a certain amount of stress. When the stress levels lower, I add something to the mix to bring them back up to a predetermined setting. Do you ever do that? How do we stop doing that to ourselves?

Speaking of being programmed...

One of the funniest things I heard tonight was from a guy in the personal finance class (first night was tonight!) who was sharing a personal experience with bad investments. I am not making it up when I say he started his story in all seriousness with "There is this guy at work who is persuasive, really persuasive. Actually, he's a hypnotist..." He kept going with the investment details. I HAD to interrupt him.

"Wait-- were you joking about him being a hypnotist?"

"No. He really is." And he continued on for about a quarter second before being interrupted by hearty laughs.

My financial tip of the day is to never take a hypnotist at his word.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I am now going to say "yes" to sleep.

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