Monday, May 23, 2011

The Stay-at-Home Queen

Right before I married my husband, I was laid off from the dotcom I had just moved to Salt Lake City for. From that (crushing) point on, my husband and I decided to live on one income. While this was a very difficult transition for me, the journey allowed me to learn that a woman at home also brings economic value.

She plans meals, nurtures good health habits, comparison shops, and maybe coupons to stretch a dollar. She creates a home environment of order, beauty, and a welcoming spirit. She arranges social events for fun and for relaxation. She reads and learns new skills and policies to empower herself and her family. She keeps up on her neighborhood news to help lighten the mental or physical load for another woman. She stimulates her mind with good books and inspiring stories to grow her talents and prepare for her mission outside of home.

There is power and real value in a woman who brings honor to her royal position at home. A dollar behaves as $5. A homemaker becomes an astute business woman. A cottage rises up like a castle.


  1. Yes!

    I love learning new skills that save my family money. I find it much more rewarding than getting paid, back in my working days. And I have more energy to support my husband as he provides. Sometimes the world tells me I could be more, but I LOVE the life that we have built for ourselves. There are a lot of jobs I'm qualified for, but this is the one where I'm needed most! Thanks for realigning my thoughts for the day.

  2. Amen! Great post. Now I'm off to be a better mom! :)