Monday, November 7, 2011


When I began this blog, my intention was to strengthen women in their familiarity with financial matters. I feel women often overlook their inherent economic power and sell themselves short when it comes to handling and generating money.

I have watched many people come and go through this blog. Some thought they needed to be LDS for this blog to be applicable to them. In effort to reach more women and thus empower more families, I will be moving the money blog to a new location so we can impact more people. Please, follow me there!

I will be mixing new posts with posts I have already covered here; Those of you who have read my blog for the last year will recognize some of the posts I will be re-posting (mainly the frugality posts). I will also be shortening some of the longer posts for easier reading.

I have loved writing about money from an LDS perspective! While I will not be referencing LDS prophets and scriptures as often, I am praying that the work I do will be a gateway for women and families all over the world to draw near unto Jesus Christ.

When our homes are in order, we make room for blessings. When we increase in our blessings, there is more to pass on to our fellow brothers and sisters who are in need. May we continue to grow in wisdom in our stewardship. There is a GREAT work to do and we have our limited mortality in which to do it!

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