Friday, August 20, 2010

Frugal Friday: High-Speed Discount

Internet is not a necessity, but it sure feels like it! Paying bills, contacting friends, sending documents, placing orders... it is so great to be able to do it from home and fast.

I hate paying for internet though. Every year, when I total expenses for taxes, I always cringe when I see we pay nearly a thousand dollars a year for internet connection. Where I live there aren't many options for internet provider, so I can either go with the local phone company (which I'd like to avoid as much as possible after experiencing terrible customer service with them for years prior) or with the big guy hi-speed internet provider. This month, I noticed my bill went up by $7 from the amount I was already considering a reason to switch providers.

I called our provider and simply asked this: "I noticed my bill went up from last month. What other alternatives do you have for me?"

Immediately, the customer representative told me he would move me up to the next highest speed for only $30/month for the next 6 months. I verified this was not a contract. All I needed to do was unplug my modem and then reconnect it.

There ya have it. Asking nicely saved me $35 a month for the next six months.
I thanked him, hung up, and made a note on my Google Calendar to remind me to call the company again within 6 months to downgrade the speed or to ask for another good deal.

When it comes to getting a better deal on your internet connection, there's no need to be angry or to fake threats about canceling. Find out the deals of competing providers. Then, call your own provider and ask them what alternatives they have. If they can't deliver, politely tell them because they cannot find a package that fits your budget, that you will be canceling your subscription and moving your internet to XYZ.

Competition makes the global market turn. You have a say in it.

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