Friday, August 6, 2010

Frugal Friday: Organizing Coupons

How many times have you clipped or printed a coupon thinking with the intention to use it only to find that when you got around to it, it had expired the month prior, or even more gut-wrenching, the day prior?

Yeah. Never happened to me either. This week.

If you want an easier way to find the coupons you need when you need them, here's an idea!

Take a sheet protector and a sewing machine, and do this:

It's as easy as deciding how you want your sheets sectioned off, marking the lines with a pen and ruler, and sewing over the marks.

To do the "three-section" page, I:
~ mark the lines
~ sew along the top of the sheet to close off the opening
~ sew two over the horizontal marks I made earlier, STOPPING at about a quarter inch from the right side of the sheet
~ cut a thin strip off the right side to create openings for the new sections

To do the "four-section" page, I:
~ mark the lines
~ cut the pocket holes for the bottom sections in only one layer of the sheet protector
~ sew over the lines

Use these to organize your coupons by aisles, expiration dates, or categories. Then, put them in a binder with your grocery mailers, and you'll be ready to plan your shopping trips!

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