Thursday, September 30, 2010

"New Found Money" update #2

(Are you wondering when I will get back to posting about other money topics? Don't you worry! I will get back to writing regular blog entries soon. I am working out a new schedule to harmonize my morphing life as Mommy of Two and will be posting something new next week.)

This "New Found Money" challenge has been quite interesting to me. Just when I think I am running out of things to sell, my eyes wander over to one more thing that has been sitting in a corner unnoticed. It's like my eyes peel off another layer of cover from my surroundings and expose items that I am emotionally ready to let go.

Will I run out of things to sell before this challenge is up? On the one hand, I think it is quite difficult in these United States to not acquire things; stuff is everywhere! On the other hand, I am not a shopper, and I don't own a lot of excess that would be worth much monetarily. I suppose the worst thing that can happen from this challenge is I end up with a clean and uncluttered home!

Week September 23rd - 29th

$7.03 formula coupons (after fees)
$10 publications rolling case
$1.11 diaper coupons (after fees)
$20 baby bottles
$5 picnic basket

Sub-total this week: $43.14
Running total: $197.14

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