Friday, October 1, 2010

Frugal Friday: Click for Coupons

I am not a Coupon Queen. I do not have the time for the part-time job that it is. But here is one of the ways I take advantage of coupons for items I use.

The last thing I do before I leave for the store to grocery shop is log online and print out coupons for the things on my shopping list.

First, I check because some manufacturers just outright make their coupons available here. (Make sure the zip code on the upper left corner of the page is the one for your area.)

Second, I go directly to manufacturers' websites. For example, we eat whole grain pasta. I google Ronzoni, which is the brand we tend to buy. This helps me find the official Ronzoni website. Once there, I click on "Promotions and Coupons." Wallah!

Sometimes, websites do not make it obvious they have coupons. The benefit of using Google, even when you are pretty sure of the company's web address, is that the search results page will often either show you a direct link for coupons, or it will include in the results some other blog or site that includes links to a relevant coupon.

Some companies do not offer printable coupons at all.

There are other websites and blogs that collect coupon links, but today's tip is a good way to get you started on easy, hassle-free couponing that only takes a few minutes. You can decide how much more involved you want to get in the online coupon world from here.

When you find a page with coupons for products you regularly purchase, BOOKMARK IT. Some manufacturers will only let you print out one or two coupons a month for certain products, and others will say you have reached the print limit, period. Keep the pages bookmarked anyhow because many companies do not tell you they will let you print another coupon after a certain amount of time has passed (a month or three months). Create a bookmark folder labeled "coupons".

The next time you go shopping, open up the folder and all your coupon links are ready to be checked and printed!

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