Thursday, March 24, 2011

Words from Brethren Regarding Life Insurance

I understand that talking about life insurance is one of "those" topics some people avoid at all costs, but I hope a few words from our church leaders will inspire you to face it for a short time, get it, and then you can forget it. Deal?  

  • We have also been counseled that we should have a reserve of cash to meet emergencies and to carry adequate health, home, and life insurance. Personal and family preparedness, however, is much broader than these tangibles. It must include proper attitudes, a willingness to forgo luxuries, prayerful consideration of all major purchases, and learning to live within our means. (Marion G. Romney, "Principles of Temporal Salvation", Ensign, Apr. 1981, 3)

  • Life insurance is designed primarily to give financial aid to the immediate family survivors after the insured person’s death. Thus, insure the family’s breadwinner first, then others, if desired, as income permits. At a minimum, get enough life insurance to pay for such things as a funeral, taxes, mortgage on the home, car payments, and other debts. The next priority should be to get enough insurance that, supplemented by any government retirement benefits the surviving spouse may be entitled to, there will be sufficient to provide for the family and to make provisions for the children’s education and missions. ("Preparing for Emergencies", Ensign, Dec. 1990, 59)

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