Friday, April 29, 2011

Frugal Friday: Check Hotel Amenities

I'm still out of town, so I will make this quick.

When choosing a hotel for an out-of-town trip, don't choose a hotel based simply on which has the cheapest rate per night. Sometimes, a hotel that costs a little more to stay in can save you a lot more money if it has the right amenities.

Breakfast offered. If I don't have to worry about one meal in the day, I save money and also save time on finding a place to eat. Occasionally, I am lucky enough to stay at a hotel that also offers evening snacks.

Refrigerator / Microwave. By using the fridge to keep some snacks in my room or items for light meals, I avoid paying $2 for a candy bar or from over-ordering at dinner.

Shuttle. I'm not just talking about a hotel that will shuttle you to and from the airport. Some hotels offer complimentary shuttle service to any place within a 5-mile radius from the hotel. The hotel I am staying in this week offers this service. When I first arrived here, I simply asked the shuttle to take me to the grocery store, so I could stock my room fridge. When I was nearly finished shopping, I called the hotel to pick me up.

With the above amenities, I saved money on 5 meals (each breakfast I was here), saved money on lunches and dinners by keeping filling snacks in the room fridge which helped me order smaller meals when eating out, and saved money by not having to hire a taxi or rent a car to get to nearby locations.

When considering a hotel stay, remember to check the hotel website or call customer service to see if the amenities in a pricier hotel will save you money in the long run.

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  1. Agreed! And on a trip with lots of kids, those benefits are multiplied! Free breakfast buffet, shuttles, and indoor pool are the makings for a mother's paradise. (Oh and don't forget to pack your own microwave popcorn.) The hotel stay IS the vacation. Great tips!