Monday, April 11, 2011

How Committed Are You?

If you are new to the blog, you may not know that I teach a personal finance course in the community. I'm a tough teacher. When someone is plopping down $100 or more and three months of their life for a course, I want them to get their money's and time's worth, and to me, that means, they are getting results.

I am probably too tough for some personalities. On a few occasions, I have seen the countenance of a student change to reflect a burning anger towards me or to a stonewalled face so as to disguise their desire to deck me. That's a good sign, for either they will allow their emotion to help them become aware an old idea is fighting for survival or they will again embrace denial. Either way, a decision will have been made and committed to.

I sometimes ask personal questions that are seemingly unrelated to money. I ask questions that people do not think are my business. I do not ask for curiosity but to gauge one's commitment, to assess the true situation, and to uncover possible solutions. Not everyone wants a solution.

In a dream, the prophet Lehi came upon a tree with a white fruit that was more delicious than anything else he had ever tasted. Naturally, he desired for his family to partake of this new-found joy. He beckoned them: his wife came, some of his children came. Despite his selfless desire to help others better their lives, he could not convince everyone to come to the tree. He had no ulterior motive, though one was suspected. He had experienced a most wonderful thing and he wanted only for others to be as free and as happy as he felt.

What I have found (and find still) is that most people want things to change for the better... without having to change themselves. Quite regularly, I hear or read people say they want to be out of debt, but they set up a limits as to how much they are willing to do toward that end. They want the delicious fruit to come to them, instead of going to the tree themselves to pluck it.

An associate of mine on Facebook recently posted,

"Being interested in change means you will do what is convenient.
"Being committed to change means you will do whatever is necessary."

Are you interested, or are you committed?


  1. Good question. Thanks for the food for thought for today.

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