Friday, June 24, 2011

Frugal Friday: Diaper Rewards

Who likes paying for diapers? Maybe an expectant mommy, but the cuteness wears off soon after realizing each one-time use is a dime to more than a quarter down the toilet.

If you're buying Huggies or Pampers brand diapers or wipes, you might as well summit the codes that come in each package and earn codes for free product. I threw away codes with my first baby, and I'm honestly a little sick about it. Check the rewards catalogs every so often to see if there is anything you want or need since the prizes change every so often.

Summit your Pampers codes at

I rarely buy Pampers brand items, but I have a nice little stash of points I have not spent yet.

Summit your Huggies codes at

I use this program most since they tend to include free diapers and wipes in their catalog more often.

Other ways to collect additional codes and rack up points quicker:
~ If your friends aren't using the codes, you can ask them to give you theirs.
~ Google "Pampers codes" or "Huggies codes" every once in a while to find blogs that post limited-time public codes. Make sure to sort your Google-generated list by date ("past two weeks" or "past month", depending on how often you will look for codes).

I have really enjoyed redeeming my Huggies points. I have received several free packs of diapers and wipes and some cool insulated Melissa & Doug lunch bags! If you have to change diapers anyway, why not reward yourself a little for doing so?

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