Saturday, June 25, 2011

If I Had More Time

The other night, I was feeling in my being if I had more time,
I could get more sleep
and then I could wake up
and exercise
and have more energy.

If I had more time,
I could get the garden in.
I could clear out the garage,
I could clean up the basement.

If I had more time,
I could write on the blog,
I could write my brother,
I could finish reading these books.

As I was feeling this, the thought came to my mind,

"If I had more time, I could be perfect!" 

Well, that stopped me in my tracks. Oh, so that's what this is all about? I chuckled.

Did you know that we have the same amount of time as God? We just measure it differently. We have the same amount of time as a fly. But we value it differently. The fly has but a few days, so it doesn't waste time surfing Facebook before he decides it's time to sleep again or eat again or buzz around again.

How we measure time determines how we will spend our time.
How do you measure yours?


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