Monday, October 11, 2010


I've been thinking about why I am coming across so "sterile" in this blog compared to my personal blog.

I am not LDS enough.

That's not true, but that was the feeling I found when I peeled the onion layers. I am WAY LDS, but I do not conduct myself as the typical LDS woman, and I was trying to conform to the idea of what someone else thought "LDS" means in case a stranger found this blog by accident. I didn't do this filtering consciously, but that's what I discovered at the core when talking with my husband the other night.

On some subconscious level, I imagined a sweet little older lady taking a break from family history research, coming to this blog to be uplifted, reading my stuff, and then exclaiming aloud into the quiet potpourried air of her little home office decked out in Thomas Kincade paintings "THIS woman is LDS??" Then, in shock, placing her little wrinkled hand on her chest, calling Harold in from the other room. (Bishop Harold, that is.)

So, yeah.

I have lots of personal finance information in this brain, and I am hating that I have for the most part been posting it on this blog like a poorly-edited textbook. Talking one-on-one about your finances and asking questions to help you find your own answer is my preferred method. Obviously, a blog is not the best forum for that, so I will do better to share more real-life experiences.

I am a Latter-day Saint and a very committed one at that. Know though that while I accept a journey of refinement and smoothing out of rough edges, God sent me to Earth in this personality: foot-in-mouth, jabber-y, imperfect, and lovely.

You have been warned.

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  1. I will de-lurk and say that I just found your blog and I'm super Mormony and I like your writing style and information. Its gotten me to think about my finances in an encouraging way, so thanks! I have small and big goals and I'll continue reading because you have really good ideas. Rock on.