Thursday, October 7, 2010

"New Found Money" update #3

This past week, I listed on eBay some of the things that had not yet sold on any of the free classified services. Man, how things have changed since I used to sell there for work! The fees are outrageous! My auctions ended, and I had $71 in my PayPal account. After shipping and eBay fees, I ended up with $32.50. Huh???

Granted, I did make a mistake on two of my auctions. On one, I forgot to add handling cost to my shipping price, so all of the shipping & handling allotment went straight to a shipping label. On another item, I started the auction too low. The marble cutting board is a sought-after item for collectors, however, I forgot to take into account that a lot of the items from the same maker only had one or two bidders. There was no competition for my one bidder, and she got a smokin' deal as I later found out that my cutting board contained a unique feature that would have made it worth around $200!

Well, life is the great university, isn't it?

Week September 30th - October 6th

  • baby formula $5
  • marble cutting board $13.09 (after fees)
  • baby supplies coupons 1.34 (after fees)
  • collective figurines $7.79 (after fees)
  • candle lanterns $10.28 (after fees)

Can you believe those numbers came to a clean total? How it tickles my calculator fancy!

Sub-total this week: $37.50
Running total: $234.64

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