Thursday, October 21, 2010

"New Found Money" update #5

My friend was nice enough to let me throw some of my stuff in her yard sale, but due to a meeting and my produce co-op pick-up time being changed, I was hardly at the yard sale to help (wo)man it! She was so gracious and collected money for my stuff while I was gone. Thanks, Carrie!

Alright, people. I am getting a little nervous about this challenge. I am running out of stuff that I'm ready to let go and people are willing to pay for, and I have FOUR WEEKS left! Sure, I could sell my husband's stuff (ha!) but I'd like to give him the blessing of letting things go. (See how much I love you, sweetie?)

Hm. I may need to get creative.

Week October 14th - October 20th

  • kid's boombox- $25
  • cloth napkins $1.25
  • two bowls $1.25
  • dress $3
  • 2 Christmas outdoor lights timers $8
  • can of oven cleaner $0 (yes, free)

Sub-total this week: $38.50
Running total: $273.14

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