Friday, November 5, 2010

Frugal Friday: Groceries Auction

I have friends and neighbors who are awesome coupon queens. They can come home with $100 worth of stuff for a whopping 43¢ or some other ridiculously low bottom line. While I use some coupons in my shopping, becoming a coupon queen is a whole other ball game, one that I know is a part-time job on its own.

Some of my friends have suggested I subscribe to the Sunday paper with all of its coupon inserts, but since offers for items I already use or eat come out rarely in that format, I have not done it. But I have found a way I can, at almost anytime of the year, find the coupons for items I already do use. I go to and bid on the coupon-clipping other women do!

Last month, I went onto eBay looking for coupons for my baby's brand of formula and found 16 coupons for FREE baby formula canisters. I messaged the seller and settled on a price of $84 for her services. That came out to $5.25 for each canister (regularly $13).

The eBay auction website is a good place to not only find multiples of specific coupons found in your Sunday paper but high-value coupons you may not have access to at all. (Just to clarify, you are actually purchasing or bidding on the seller's clipping and collecting of these coupons.) Almost at any time, I find coupons for diapers, toiletries, baby formula, groceries, paper goods, hygiene items, cleaners, frozen foods, organics, and produce listed for purchase or up for auction.

Browse through eBay to decide if this is a way you can lower your monthly grocery and non-foods bills. To get an idea of what types of coupons you may find, type "coupons" in the search box. To look for specific coupons, type "coupons" and whatever item or brand you are looking for (i.e. "diaper coupons" or "Gillette coupons"). Play around with the search box. What else do you spend money on to care for yourself and your family?

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