Friday, November 19, 2010

Frugal Friday: Squeeze Bottle

Here's another tip I came up with when we were foster parents.

Our new kids had not ever eaten salad. They freaked out when we told them to eat leaves. After a two weeks though, they were begging for seconds on salad. One of the tricks was to let them pour their own salad dressing. Unfortunately, we all know that the holes in store-bought salad dressing bottles are big enough to fit a cucumber; the kids were using up a LOT of dressing per meal. (And heaven help you if you don't notice when that plastic top gets stuck in the screw lid; you'll inadvertently be serving yourself Salad Dressing Soup.)

Enter the condiment squeeze bottle.

I filled one with Ranch dressing and the kids were able to pour their own salad dressing without squeezing cupfuls onto their plates. Even when they squeezed hard, all that came out was a thin pipe of dressing. I found that we didn't run out of dressing nearly as fast as we used to. As an adult, I liked this too because I could evenly spread dressing goodness over my entire salad without using a lot of the fatty stuff.

The kids have long moved on, but I still use this tip and expanded the idea to my other condiments as well.

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