Thursday, November 4, 2010

"New Found Money" update #7

I brought in $7.87 this week. Look at me rake it in!

Do you ever feel like you're not making much progress? Sometimes, we belittle our baby steps. Or we panic when results aren't as great as past victories. There is a time for every thing and every speed. Like the seasons on the earth, everything is cyclical and has a pattern. Even when things are "slow," I rather make a little progress than no progress.

What can we do with $7? Let's explore.

1) $7 can buy a couple loaves of bread, some tuna cans, and a big bunch of bananas to cover a few meals.
2) Or $7 can rent a few DVDs to entertain a family on the cheap for a month.
3) $7 can buy a toddler an outfit from the clearance bin.
4) What about putting $7 into a cookie jar each month for a year? That's $49 bucks to get a 30-minute massage on your birthday.
5) Depositing $7 into the cookie jar every month for 30 years would get us $2520. You could plan a nice anniversary party with your sweetheart!
6) What if instead of a cookie jar, we put that same $7 each month for 30 years into a retirement account? In that same 30 years, we'd have $14,054.79*! That's the power of compound interest, baby!

Whatever your financial goal at this time, whether it is food on the table or a savings account or a nest egg for your golden years, be wise. Be grateful for every grain in your silo. Every dollar counts. Let's go find some more!

(*Calculated at 10% interest for 30 years with interest compounded only once a year)

Week October 28th - November 3rd

coupon $7.87

Sub-total this week: $7.87
Running total: $298.82

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