Friday, November 12, 2010

Frugal Friday: Soup and Rice

We're entering hot soup weather!

Easy tip to stretch most soups is to add brown rice. Brown rice also creates a full stomach effect because the fiber expands inside the belly, which means you need less food to feel satisfied. (Be careful if you are a fast eater or you will have a very full effect!)

I even throw brown rice into canned soups. When I have procrastinated on making lunch and the girlie and the husband are hungry NOW, I pull out a can of chunky soup from the pantry and a portion of frozen brown rice from my freezer. (Hm. Did I mention the frozen rice before? It's a great timesaver!)

I thaw the rice for a minute or two in the microwave and then throw it into a saucepan with the soup and warm as usual, stirring occasionally. Throw a nice simple salad on the side (or just some select veggies and a dipping sauce) and it's a tide-over lunch for three!

Now, isn't this kinder on your wallet, your time, and your hiney than picking up something "to go" on the road?


  1. Great idea! Dumb question... do you just make the brown rice and let it cool and freeze it? Can you just put it in like a ziploc bag?

  2. Yep.
    1) Make brown rice.
    2) Let cool.
    3) Freeze.

    Some people freeze the rice on a cookie sheet and then pour it into a Ziploc. I just scoop mine directly into snack-size baggies; they're big enough to hold one cup of rice.