Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Cash in my Pocket

I love pulling cash out of the bank and putting it in my pocket or purse! I feel so well taken care of and wealthy, for in my purse I have physical proof that, yes, I do have money.

Have you ever said "I don't have any money"? I suggest a woman start by always carrying a dollar bill with her. When tempted to say, "I don't have any money," pull out that dollar from your purse and say, "Oh- Yes I do! I have money!"

I love paying for groceries and haircuts in cash. I don't ever have to wonder if I am going over budget because I can see my budget- right there! Holding my money and watching it being spent in person has given me a bigger education in money than most any book.

It's the beginning of the month, have you filled your cash envelopes for groceries and eating out?

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