Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What Could the People of God Do?

Satan is a tricky fellow. He knows we have a Kingdom to build up in preparation for the return of our Christ, so he distracts us. A shiny thing here, a cool toy there, and he shackles our minds awake at night, worrying about how we will pay for it all!

This is something I know for sure: It is much easier to focus on doing God's work when our financial houses are in order. When we're worrying about how to pay for food to eat or for gasoline to get to work or wondering how we will pay this month's mortgage or rent, our prayers tend to be in supplication instead of in offering ourselves to His service. I see it often, and perhaps you do too, friends or relatives talking about how there isn't enough money for this or that or frantically looking for ways to increase in income. (Hello, I've been there!)

What could God's people do if they were unshackled from debt?

  • They could give more in offerings: temple funds, ward and general mission funds, humanitarian aid, perpetual education fund, etc.
  • They could prepare for missions: for their kids, for their parents, or for themselves.
  • They could spend less time working and spend it in happiness with their own families.
  • They could nurture and heal their marriages.
  • They could further their education.
  • They could serve each other and their communities more, in time and in donations.
  • They could afford special treatments and services for their family members in crisis.
  • They could increase feelings of safety in their children and in their spouse.
  • They could sleep.
  • They could free up mental energies and create more solutions for their homes, their congregations, and their communities.
  • They could regain hope.

God loves freedom and desires it for us. Because of this love for freedom, he sent us his Only Begotten to be sent as a lamb to the slaughterhouse so he could FREE us from death and so he could FREE us from sin, and so he could FREE us from pain. In God-like manner, let us FREE ourselves from debt.

Our duty is to prepare this world for the return of our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. We are called to build the Kingdom of God on earth. What does that mean to you? What is your part of the work?

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