Saturday, July 9, 2011

Putting It Out There

This week, something was bugging my brain. OK, something has been bugging it for a couple months. I probably could have figured it out sooner, but I kept filling my time with things to do instead of being still enough to let thoughts rise to the surface. But this week is when my brain could not hold out anymore.

I was quietly sweeping the kitchen floor, not so much to sweep it but to give my body some thoughtless repetitive motion. While I swept, my brain whirred. It whirred. It whirred. And then it stopped whirring. A lone thought rose.

"I want to pay the house off in 4 years."

"Four years???" I countered. The thought floated up again.

"I want to pay the house off in 4 years."

And it felt completely true. So, there it is. 

My husband and I have been free from debt, excluding the mortgage, for nearly 8 years. It has been WONDERFUL to owe no one. Well, almost no one. This is where the mortgage comes in.

I desire to be COMPLETELY free from bondage. Debt is bondage. Yes, a mortgage has a value attached to it, but it is still debt. I don't like debt. I like being free from contracts.

Eight years ago, my husband and I were under more debt than we thought we could ever get out of. But there came a day when we got so sick of it all that we prayed, and we committed each other, and we sacrificed everything possible to pay that debt off! Cell phone, internet, cars, everything! We thought it would take us 3 years to pay it all off (and that seemed like such a long time then), but we proved our commitment and the Lord accepted our sacrifice, and that debt was gone in 10 months!

I want to pay the house off in 4 years and be completely free from bondage. I do not know how we will do it, but I know it can be done. And I know, with the Lord, we can do it.

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  1. Wow, that is a lofty goal. But I too know, with the Lord's help, you CAN do it.